Kids @ Swanmead

Charlotte Stanbury


Our dream and vision is to see our children grow in relationship with God and help them realize that their time at Sunday school is not a place they have to go so the grown ups can listen to the preacher. It is their own time to learn and hear from God. Children are the next generation, not to be dismissed as irrelevant. They need to be valued, loved and shown compassion. They are God’s best gift and here at Swanmead, I want all the children to come to an understanding of this and for them to flourish in their own personal journey.

Charlotte Stanbury

Kids Leader


Powerkids is a time for our children to come together. It is aimed at children in reception to year 6. We have fun, games, stories and laughter. Keep an eye on our church facebook page for upcoming events.

If You Are Interested

For more info on when and where the events take place, email Charlotte at

Power Kids, Church at Swanmead, Kids AOG Basildon

01268 452640

91 Church Rd, Basildon SS16 4AH

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