Hello and welcome to REAL in this section you will find out what we are doing for the Ladies of our church

Becky Walsh

Ladies Leader

As the leader of the ladies team my heart and passion is for us all to do this journey together, empowering one another, being real and honest, so that we can truly support each other.

That’s why I believe as ladies, we all have a part to play, a specific purpose designed for us and us only by God when he created us. That’s also why we plan and run the ladies events that we do throughout the year as a Team!


The heart of Sistas is to help women of all ages to connect with each other and with God. We are all on a journey and need each other. Join us for breakfast and then tuck into the word of God with a bible study which is relevant to your every day life and will help you grow in God.

Wednesdays @ 9.30am

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